VoIP Service

How does VoIP Work?Voice over IP explained

First, voice is converted by an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) or IP phone, from an analog signal to a digital signal. It is then sent over the Internet in data packets to a location that will be close to the destination.  Then it will be converted back to an analog signal for the remaining distance over a traditional circuit switch (PSTN) (unless it is VoIP to VoIP).  Your call can be received by traditional telephones worldwide, as well as other VoIP users.  VoIP to VoIP calls can travel entirely over the Internet.  Since your voice is changed to digital (so that it can travel over the Internet), other great features such as voice messages to email, call forwarding, logs of incoming and outgoing calls, caller ID, etc., can be included in your basic calling plan all for one low price. Many of these special features are great for the small business person who relies on their phone service to be more a information center rather than just a telephone.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

First and foremost more for less money, so if you’re looking for VoIP Service Provider with Cheap Call Rates, including features that will make your communications state of the art you can find it. Many VoIP providers have plans that allow unlimited calls in the continental US and Canada all for one low monthly fee. In addition, added features such as Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, a web based control panel, Voicemail received as Email, Advanced Call Forwarding features, etc., are added at no additional cost. Plus, International rates are a lot less than traditional telephone companies. You are not limited to just a certain local’s numbers, but can even choose one from another state. In addition, you can add virtual numbers from other areas that will ring in on your primary number.

Lower monthly telephone bills. Cheap Long Distance and cheap calls.

Unlimited monthly calling to certain locations eliminating long distance charges and plans with unlimited International calling.

Additional features all included in your one monthly flat rate.

Lower prices on International calling.

Virtual numbers: numbers that ring in on a primary number and can be from other areas, even other states.

Portability (LNP), or the ability to take your phone service with you