About Us

With decades’ worth of experience in the business world the one thing that always stood out was a company that had exceptional customer service so as we starting this journey to start this company we only spoke to those that share our passion for customer satisfaction to join us in this wonderful adventure.

At Lightning Telecom, we provide a full range of VoIP/PBX services and applications that help a growing company like yours meet its business communication needs. We are proud to bring you unsurpassed quality, reliability and service for your business telecommunication network. With the Lightning Telecom PBX, you will enjoy a significant decrease in phone costs. Say goodbye to phone service disruptions and busy signals that have been interfering with productivity.  Our service allows you to add many lines and extension to a single phone.   

With Lightning Telecom, you can use your phones anywhere in the world where internet service is available – without ever missing important calls. The Lightning Telecom PBX ensures that every customer call is answered in a timely and professional manner. We make it possible to keep your phone number even if your business relocates. We provide you with the tools you need to track incoming and outgoing calls, helping you to better monitor employee productivity. Conference phones, headsets, and paging systems are available to extend Lightning Telecom’s functionality and enhance call operator usability. 

Customer service

We don’t believe that a strong business model needs to coerce customers into coming back by tricking them into signing contracts of service.  In our world, outstanding customer service, services tailored specifically to our clients and a friendly, welcoming attitude is what makes doing business with us worth coming back for.  That is why we don’t do service contracts…ever. You will never be asked to commit to a year of service or charged hidden fees for canceling your service.  You pay up front, or by the month, depending on your service package, for as long as you are happy with your service.  We do our part by doing everything in our power to keep you feeling taken care of and content.  That is the Lightning Telecom difference.