What is VoIP?

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. Lightning Telecom converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet.

What is E-911?

E-911 is an enhanced 911 service provided by Lightning Telecom and required for all customers. When you call 911, all of your information is given to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees or hidden charges with Lightning Telecom.

How long is the contract for service with Lightning Telecom?

You are not required to sign a contract with Lightning Telecom; our standard service is month-to-month.

Can I create my own personal greetings and hold music?

Yes, you can record your own personal greeting or special marketing or holiday message.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

At Lightning Telecom, we have extensive experience with porting over numbers and its FREE porting takes anywhere from 10 business day and up to 6 weeks depending on your previous carrier in the meantime we provide a temporary number from Lightning Telecom to forward your number to so your customers can still reach you at your original number thus eliminating downtime.

Can I get a new number?

Yes, we have unlimited numbers you can choose from with all types of area codes

Can I make international calls?

Yes, with our competitive prices and excellent partners overseas we offer great international rates.

How many simultaneous calls can my number support?

All our phone numbers can handle unlimited calls